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Why Design A Plan?

(If you haven't reviewed the previous two sections of this site, "Determine Your Needs" and "Facts to Consider Now", please do so.)

Designing a plan with Carefree Insurance Group, gives you the ability to personally choose many of the features of your health insurance plan.  By doing so, you can create a plan that fits your own individual needs and situation.


Control Your Costs 

By designing a plan instead of picking one from a list, you will control your costs by choosing the right deductibles and options for you.  Every facet of every plan, even the "one size fits all", has a cost associated with each component of coverage.  A "one size fits all" style of plan is priced as the sum of its parts.  When we design your plan, you will know what each facet of your plan costs and determine for yourself if the cost is worth the coverage for your situation.  Individual Plan Design will empower you to control your monthly payments more than any other program on the market today.

Control Your Risk

If you happen to be in a position where you are comfortable covering some routine expenses yourself, we can design a plan to cover catastrophic events. If you would like many routine costs covered, we can do that, too. At the Carefree Insurance Group, you are enabled to determine, to a great extent, what you will pay for and what the insurance plan will pay for.

For example, if you are a healthy individual and want to raise your deductible in order to lower costs, but still want first dollar coverage for accidents and injuries...it can be done.

Designing a plan puts you in charge of deductibles, co-pay options, prescription coverage and even out-of-pocket maximums. 

We can show you the possibilities!

Know Your Options  

The Carefree Insurance Group can show you your options.  Let's face it, not everyone is in perfect health.  Individual consultation during plan design uses "Field Underwriting" to show you what your options are, depending on health status.  If you have a medical condition that is relatively minor, we can include what is commonly referred to as a "Rate-Up".  "Rate-Ups" are basically additional costs per month that the insurance company will charge to cover some pre-existing conditions. Including "Rate-Ups" in your plan design can get you covered in many cases.  In other cases, a "Rider" may be available.  A "Rider" is the elimination of a pre-exisiting condition from coverage and can help a lot of people get their application approved.  Please note that "Rate-Ups" and "Riders" are not available for all conditions or in all states.  Your plan designer will help you through the process.

Field Underwriting Is The Key  

Field underwriting is the process during which at plan design, your designer will review your medical history with you.  We will look at any conditions that you have and discuss which options are available to handle those conditions.  Field underwriting will ensure:

  • Accurate quotes that include your conditions
  • Proper assessment and enhance your chances of getting approved for health coverage.
  • You review products and options that will help you if you can't be covered by a major medical plan due to pre-exisiting conditions.

The bottom line is this: If we can help you design a plan that fits your needs and budget, we will. If you have conditions that preclude you from major medical coverage, we will help you find valuable benefit options to minimize your financial risk. Either way, after your program is in place, we will continue to support you with a direct contact to your designer/agent who will assist you in getting the most out of your program.

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