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"Rick's work is spot-on.  He is knowledgeable about a variety of insurance companies which resulted in us saving a lot of money and finding the most suitable policy for my needs. He is quick to communicate and gives great importance to details.  Impressive." Darlene (Placitas, NM)

"I am so glad I found Rick to help me through the application process for the Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO (Medicare Advantage) insurance.  He is very professional and helpful and right on-time for his appointments.  Blue Cross is saving me money as the co-pays for prescriptions and specialists are lower than the insurance I had previously.  He stays in touch in case there are questions and is willing to help in any way needed." Sally (Albuquerque, NM)

"It has been a pleasure working with Carefree Insurance Group regarding our health insurance coverage.  Rick did such a good job helping my husband select a Medicare Supplement insurance plan, when it came time for my enrollment it was a snap.  Thank you for being available and professional"  Cheryl (Florence, AZ)

"I do have to say that your service was terrific.  You were on top of everything and worked hard to make sure we got the best policies to cover our needs.  The policies for the kids were perfect for them right now.  I look forward to working with you again in the future." Adrienne (Tucson, AZ)

"Your help was absolutely wonderful.  So good that I recommended you to others.  If I ever need help signing up any of our clients at work I would definitely go through you.  The insurance coverage I picked is working out great." Heather (Tucson, AZ)

"Thank you, Rick, for all your patience, vigalance, tenacity, and nerves of steel while signing me up on ObamaCare.  We finally accomplished what we started out doing two months prior on Christmas eve morning, even though you had family plans for the holiday.  It has been a pleasure working with you.  Along with your technical background, you were able to work around mistakes on the Healthcare.gov site.  I can't think of another person who would have invested so many hours and personal time to help a total stranger in this nightmare of a mess.  Thank you, Rick, you are truly outstanding in your profession." Teressa (Chandler, AZ)

"From almost the beginning, Karen and I knew we wanted Rick to be our front man for health insurance.  In a matter of no-time, he validated our initial feelings by thoroughly understanding our requirements and promptly providing alternatives and recommendations for our review.  As if that wasn't enough, his follow-up on the smallest of details gave us a comfort level we had not experienced with insurance consultants previously."  David (Prescott, AZ)

"Carefree Insurance Group, Rick Sobotka in Particular, has exceeded my expectations in both knowledge of the Health Insurance industry, and personal, caring assistance provided to both my wife and I.  I recently relocated from Colorado to Arizona.  Rick began researching my Health and Rx insurance requirements long before I left Colorado.  Due to my heart disease and numerous ongoing prescriptions, smooth transition with insurance from one state to another was a prerequisite.  Not only did Rick find the perfect insurance [Medicare Supplement and Medicare Part D] for me at a perfect price, but the transition from insurance in Colorado to that of Arizona was flawless.  I completely trust the honesty and sincerity with which Rick does business."  Vaughan (Casa Grande, AZ)

"Dear Fellow Medicare Enrollees.  I would like to pass on our brief experience with a Medicare Advantage plan.  My elderly parents (age 84 and 90) were convinced by a sales agent to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan because "it would save them lots of money."   They both became ill during the past year, and I (their daughter) took over their affairs.  After being extremely healthy and active all of her life, my mother had two very unexpected hospital stays with accompanying ambulance rides.  She needed physical therapy upon release from the second hospital stay, and her insurance would only pay for that treatment if it was provided in a nursing home.  Even then we had to pay $150 per day for the first 21 days, and she received typical nursing home treatment.  We finally had to self-pay for proper physical rehab for her.  Fortunately, she has recovered her strength and is doing well.  My father has severe dementia and incurred huge medical bills with two hospital stays, two psychiatric hospital stays and no benefits for skilled nursing upon hospital release.  He had eight ambulance transfers in a three-month period because of numerous falls, and his copay was $200 for each "ride."  My parents are lucky to have a monthly pension, but it does not nearly cover their current living expenses plus all of their medical bills.  My husband is turning 65 this October, and we have chosen traditional Medicare for him with a supplemental plan G suggested by our trusted agent, Rick Sobotka.  I have also enrolled my parents in traditional Medicare plans.  I urge all of you to stick with traditional Medicare and leave the Advantage plans alone.  Have Carefree Insurance Group find an appropriate Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan G to fill in the gaps." Diana (Evergreen, CO)

"Medicare was something new to me.  Your information was correct and timely.  Your follow-up was courteous and considerate.  I feel I made the correct and best decision for my coverage." Gust (Prescott, AZ)

"I am very satisfied with your service.  There are so many insurance companies and plans out there that it would take weeks to figure them all out.  It's such a comfort and piece-of-mind to know I can call you, express my needs and concerns, and within a couple days I have what I need.  I highly recommend to anyone you and your company for all my insurance needs. Donna (Bullhead City, AZ)

"This ObamaCare is so confusing so I am happy I found Carefree Insurance Group and that you took the time to explain it to me.  You put me in a plan that has a better rate and more coverage than the well known insurance companies could offer.  Thank you, you're the best!" Bobbie (Carefree, AZ)

"Thank you for the expedicious handling of my health coverage.  I feel confident my needs have been met.  Only regret is I waited so long (to get a more affordable policy)." Deloris (Prescott Valley, AZ)

"I have been very happy with Carefree Insurance Group!  (Health Insurance Innovations Short Term Medical) has taken care of my recent doctor visits and helped with my lab work.  It is also helping with my prescription!  I appreciate your emails that keep me "up to date" with current information also!  Thank you for the care you show to your customers!" Sherean (Wickenburg, AZ)

"The Mutual of Omaha policy arrived, so looks like I'm all set.  I really appreciate your suggestion - I never would have thought of Mutual of Omaha as being in the Medicare supplement business, and probably would have gone with AARP without your intervention.  You're right - this is better."  Mary (Tucson, AZ)

"After going to the pharmacy today, I can now properly say "thank you."  The prescription card alone is saving us more money than our last policy.  You really put together a plan that works for us...Your guidance and professionalism are much appreciated."  Matt & Lera (Pagosa Springs, CO)

"Thank you for your help in finding me a great life insurance policy.  Your service was helpful, accurate and courteous.  Keep up the good work.  Many thanks."  Julian (Phoenix, AZ)

"We are so grateful to Carefree Insurance Group.  During a very stressful time in our life, Rick Sobotka's guidance and expertise in finding a medical plan for our family was a blessing.  It was comforting to know that our medical needs would be met.  Thank you!" Janice (Thornton, CO)

I really enjoyed working with you.  You kept on top of the dates and deadlines and I appreciated your help with the [Medicare Supplement] application process.  I will be contacting you again next year to discuss if I should change insurance companies during the open entrollment period.  Thanks again." Patricia (Prescott, AZ)

"As I was trying to figure out the mess of getting new insurance, I found Rick Sobotka.  He was very easy to deal with and explained everything in a way I could understand.  I never felt that any question I had was a "dumb one."  Nancy (Oro Valley, AZ)

"We were very satisfied.  You are knowledgeable, helpful, efficient and professional.  You made the insurance hunting process quick and painless, and we felt you helped us find the best, most affordable plan for our family's needs.  Kim (Cottonwood, AZ)

"You found me health insurance when nobody else could, and I am grateful for that."  Mary (Tucson, AZ)

"Rick, I was extremely satisfied with your services. You took the time to explain things to me, and show me the best path to take for health insurance.  Thank you so much, I couldn't have done this without you."  Pam (Sedona, AZ)

"At a critical time in our lives, trying to find the right insurance to fit our needs and budget as we venture into retirement, Medicare and all of the unknowns, Carefree Insurance Group was there for us.   We were given many opitions and lots of help to understand and choose what was right for us.  Thank you Carefree for all your help and patience with us."  Russell & Melba (Buckeye, AZ)

"Just want to say thanks for your help in finding a Medicare supplemental plan that I can afford.  I started with the "Medicare Genie" and that made it easy to select a plan and then contacting you made it easy to sign up.  Thanks again."  Ann (Sedona, AZ)

"I am a satisfied customer! You were able to explain supplemental insurance to me in a manner that made sense and gave me tools to make smart choices with our health coverage. We cut our health insurance bills down by 2/3rds, and we feel very comfortable with our coverage. Thanks Rick!"  Claudine (Sedona, AZ)

"You have been brilliant for certain. You have consistently found us the lowest rates for the right sort of coverage that we need, while giving us the freedom to explore and select the plans and coverage that will serve us best. On on top of that, you kept with our very convoluted process, guiding, following up, tenaciously pursuing all of the crazy rabbit trails we encountered to get us excellent coverage which thoroughly suits our needs. We never felt pressured or (conversely) abandoned, always treated with respect and camaraderie. Because we have had such a great experience with you, we've bought (...supplemental accident & critical illness coverage,...) dental coverage and now travel insurance with Carefree and we've encourage our family members to work with you. Thank you!" Stefanie (Phoenix, AZ)

"I've been very happy to find health insurance for less money than my employer could offer me. It was cool to do it remotely over the internet. Rick knows his stuff and helped work out a few kinks by teleconferencing with the insurance company." Jackie (Lakewood, CO)

“Rick you were fantastic! You know your stuff and helped us make good choices. Superior service in my view." Michael (Carefree, AZ)

"I was very happy with the help that I received (from Carefree Insurance Group) when I was looking for health insurance. I was in the process of moving and living in an area with slow internet and bad cell phone reception and Rick worked with me and helped me get exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for all your help getting me set up. I look forward to your help with any of my insurance needs in the future. Keep up the excellent work!" Dawn (Ridgway, CO)

"Rick educated me about medicare and also dental insurance. He really helped explain everything and will help me again when I am ready to set up my plan when I turn 65. Thanks for you help!" Marlene (Mesa, AZ)

"Thank you for providing me with the information I needed to make a wise choice for my health insurance. You were very knowledgeable and professional. You listened to what my needs were and I ended up being a very satisfied customer. I certainly would recommend Carefree Insurance to friends and family that were looking for health insurance." Lorelei (Salida, CO)

"I’m so very thankful to Rick for his patience and knowledge. Finding the right Health Insurance for myself and children has been a nightmare, till I found Rick. He walked me through step by step and went way above and beyond to help me find the right plan. I’m forever thankful to him for everything. He made this whole process for me easy. Thank you so much Rick!" Shauna (Tucson, AZ)

"I can't tell you what a pleasure it was working with Rick regarding my health insurance plans. I had done a good amount of Internet research and found it pretty overwhelming. I also talked to a couple of drones who were obviously reading a script and every time I would ask a question, they would say that their supervisor would answer that. When I was passed on to the supervisor, it was actually a recording! My experience with Rick was the opposite. He respectfully listened to my needs, explained everything thoroughly, made suggestions to improve the plans, and walked me through every step. It made a pleasant experience out of a potentially daunting one. I highly recommend Rick and his company and really appreciate his ongoing concern for my well being." LeKathryn (Denver, CO)

My husband was recently shopping for new individual health insurance, and we were introduced to Rick Sobotka through a website that we logged onto. He walked us through filling out the application that very evening, and our insurance was processed and approved in a matter of a couple of short weeks. As we were shopping for the best policy for the money, we also applied for two other plans that Rick does not represent. Six weeks later both of those are still in underwriting, due to several delays with the companies requesting additional information. Rick was quick, courteous and attentive to our needs, and we would highly recommend using him as your health insurance agent." Diana (Evergreen, CO)

"Carefree Insurance Group has done an amazing job helping us figure out what to do in this changing market with our insurance. They have worked tirelessly to help us and have really gone the extra mile. Thank you C.I.G. and Rick Sobotka in particular." Russell (Buckeye, AZ)

"I really appreciated the time you spent with me to figure out the details of the insurance plan I was interested in. You also quickly found answers to all of my questions. I also liked that you spent the time to fill out the application with me online. I also liked that you were nice and not pushy or sleazy like other agents I spoke with. You seem honest." Brittany (Denver, CO)

"My husband and I are very satisfied with your service and help in finding health insurance for us. In my mind, you went the extra mile to get information to me, made suggestions for us that I wouldn’t have thought of. You have a very pleasant demeanor and it was a pleasure doing business with you. In fact, I may be calling you regarding my in-laws. I feel comfortable with Carefree and will use you for all my life and health insurance needs." Donna (Bullhead City, AZ)

"It is with a great deal of pleasure that I would recommend Carefree Insurance Group to anyone I know. Rick was extremely helpful from the first time we talked and through the entire process. I particularly appreciated your follow-up and your advice. It was wonderful to not be talking to a machine like so many other companies I looked at." Douglas (Glendale, AZ)

"As a new client, I have been thoroughly impressed with Rick's professionalism, timeliness, and extensive knowledge of his profession. I highly recommend working with Carefree Insurance Group." Jennifer (Mesa, AZ)

"Thanks for your great service as our health insurance consultant. My wife and I are very satisfied with your prompt and expedient work, you answered all our questions and were always quick to reply. WE highly recommend your services." John and Lynda (Phoenix, AZ)

"Your service was very good and we do appreciate it. I am very glad I did not have to do the shopping on my own, I tried that and it was very confusing to sort out all the different policies and language they use. You did a great job explaining the differences in policies to me and you were very helpful in trying to find the best fit for our family situation at an affordable price." Shawna (Wiggins, CO)

"Thank you for helping me find the right health insurance to suit my needs! I really appreciate all of your help and advice. One thing that you did that really stood out to me was the constant contact that you had with me throughout the process to make sure that everything went smoothly. Thank you again..." Holly (Tucson, AZ)

“I found myself needing health insurance as I was pursuing my dream of expanding my practice as a psychotherapist. The choices were overwhelming as I looked into the various option. Finding Rick Sobotka and the Carefree Insurance Group saved me significant time and frustration. Rick very patiently guided me through the various options for someone my age (55) with my specific health profile. My fear was that the cost was going to be astronomical. He was able to find an option that completely meets my need for preventive health care as needed and that fills in the gap in case an emergency should arise. This required numerous phone calls and emails. I really need to emphasize how quickly he responded and still responds to my questions and insurance needs. He didn’t leave me on my own when completing the applications and helped me walk through them. I completely trust him with all my health insurance needs and enthusiastically recommend him to anyone looking for health insurance. Rick's customer care is the best!” Martha (Colorado Springs, CO)

"I'm very satisfied. You were a complete pleasure to work with. I now have insurance that totally fits my needs and I'm saving hundreds per month. I appreciate that you went out of your way to stay in touch without being pushy, and persisted calmly through all my questions and concerns. I couldn't be happier with your service. I did find the package I wanted through another agent on line, and then you willingly went forward with it, in a way I could trust. Navigating the health insurance universe is very tricky and difficult for the uneducated but wary shopper who doesn't want to be scammed. I feel comfortable in every way with the end results. Thanks again." Karen (Sedona, AZ)

"Your service has been impeccable. You’ve gone above and beyond my customer service expectations. Your follow-up after the sale was not only appreciated, but surprising since one finds so few businesses taking the time to make sure their clients are completely satisfied." Business-owner (Tempe, AZ)

"You were a great help to us when we were so worried about (our daughter) not having insurance!! It is extremely difficult to wade through all the muck of current health care system and we found you to be a tenacious advocate for us." Jody (Tucson, AZ)

"Rick has done an excellent job in finding a new health insurance policy for my son. He responded promptly to all of our requests and questions. Due to his efforts, we ended up with a plan that met our needs and saved us a substantial amount of money. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for help in solving their insurance problems." Bill (Phoenix, AZ)

"Rick helped us to select an insurance plan that best fit our needs. There are so many health insurance companies out there and he helped to simplify the search." Kim (Sedona, AZ)

"Rick was a huge help with getting me setup with health insurance for my freelance business! Browsing through the online quotes and companies gets to be a bit confusing and it was nice to have Rick there to point out the best parts of each plan." Nick (Chandler, AZ)

"I would just like to say thank you for all of your help as my as my life and health insurance advisor. Carefree Insurance Group saved me time as well as money." Steve (Happy Valley, AZ)

"I purchased several health insurance policies with the help of Carefree Insurance Group last year, and I couldn't have been luckier to have him on my "team." He is professional and he strives to understand what the client really needs. He is a bulldog on the little details of a policy that often fall through the cracks. Shane is an insurance consultant that I really trust. I still have his phone number saved on my cell phone so that I can give him a call should I ever have a question about my coverage. I consider Shane to be a friend." Sonya (Scottsdale, AZ)

"Rick has been my insurance consultant for several health and dental policies for me and my family. He is consistently professional, friendly and thorough; and his quick response to any question or concern goes beyond what is common in the industry. I highly recommend him for any insurance needs. Rick makes the whole process of purchasing an insurance policy more pleasurable because you can have confidence that it will be done right. Thanks for everything, Rick!" Charlie (Goodyear, AZ)

"Rick took special care and time with me in both educating me on the various types of insurance policies on the market. He continuously kept my interests in mind when searching for candidate health insurance coverage and bent over backwards in researching my options. I recommend him to friend and stranger alike." Kevin (Flagstaff, AZ)

"Having worked with the folks at Carefree Insurance Group, I can unequivocally say that they goes the extra mile. Thanks for all of your hard efforts on my behalf." William (Prescott, AZ)

"To me, one of the most important qualities in an insurance consultant is their accessibility. Rick Sobotka was extremely diligent about returning my phone calls and emails promptly and getting back to me with answers to my questions. I highly recommend Rick and the rest of the gang at Carefree Insurance Group. I will use them again if I ever need to update my insurance needs." Thomas (Phoenix, AZ)

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