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Long Term Care Education & Awareness


Kiplinger LTC Workbook

A comprehensive book in one concise easy to read booklet.  The booklet starts with a brief LTC refresher course, next it discusses the costs, including a table of all 50 states, then it moves into who pays for the care, the role of LTCi, when to buy, and wraps up with how to compare policies.

Most people significantly under-estimate the cost of an extended health care need and over-estimate the role of Medicare.  Become educated by utilizing the Kiplinger Workbook and online video.

Click here to access the Kiplinger Workbook


Consumer Guide to LTCI

AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans) Consumer Guide to LTC Insurance provides overview of long term care in general and of what you should look for in an LTCI policy.

Click here to access the AHIP Consumer Guide to LTCI


Consumer Friendly Websites

This award-winning video from Kiplinger.com, sponsored by John Hancock, explains why you might want to include long-term care insurance in your retirement plans.  The video also offers many links to different information about planning for an extended health care need.It

Click here to access “Who Cares? Kiplinger’s No-Nonsense Look at Long-Term Care”

New consumer-friendly website through AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans), which gives you basic information about long-term care insurance.  Also includes videos that feature real-life stories from current policyholders, an interactive online quiz, and additional resources on long-term care insurance.

Click here to access mylifemyfamily.com

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