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At Carefree Insurance Group our goal is to serve and protect each member of our growing family of clients with excellence and long-term commitment. 

We apply our extensive product knowledge and expertise toward matching your health insurance, life insurance and asset protection needs with plans offered by the most reputable carriers in the nation.  This results in maximized options at manageable premium costs.  We then present you with the options and you decide which option suits you best.  We do all the legwork for you!
You should also know the following: 
  • We only work with A-Rated Health and Life Insurance Providers serving Arizona, Arkansas and New Mexico.
  • We show you rates directly from each carrier.  The rates are set and do not change.*
  • There are No Hidden Fees.  We are compensated directly by the carrier, not by our clients.
  • The application process is very easy and usually can be performed online.
  • You can be approved within three days. 
On this website, you will find several useful tools designed to help you understand the basics of health & life insurance, Medicare plans and annuities.  Included are links that enable you to get quotes* and actually enroll in the health plan of your choice. 

For our clients who travel internationally, we offer an wide array of plans offering international medical and travel insurance coverage.
If you have a need for our services or would like more information, feel free to Contact Us at your convenience.  We will see that your questions get answered.  

* The premiums we quote will be the same if you were to purchase your insurance directly from the carrier.  Insurance premiums are determined by the insurance carrier and regulated at the state level.

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